Criteria & Guidelines

Which awards are available for entry?

We have detailed over 40 key legal and advisory categories, from Fine Art Investment Advice to Family Law. This is to cater for the increasingly sophisticated needs of private clients and the international nature of their lifestyles.

We have also included additional space to include categories that have not been listed this can be found under the ‘other’ category. Each award is then issued per country. A shortlist of finalists will be drawn up from which the eventual winners will be selected.

Shortlist information: Additional information can be submitted for a very limited time after the shortlist has been announced. The information may be taken into consideration in advance of the final notification to the 2018 winners. Materials that will be considered include, but not restricted to, press releases relating to innovation and industry achievements, and other notable work.


Who can vote?

Any individual, firm or business/corporation can submit an entry. Preferably the nominator will have had direct involvement with the individual/firm/business/organisation that they wish to vote for.

Although we recognise the heritage of well-established firms and individuals, our primary focus will look at the achievements over the past 12 months.


What should I include in my submission?

We have provided space for you to submit a 500 word statement to accompany your category selection. Given the word count we encourage participants to be as specific as possible when highlighting expertise and work. The statement must provide tangible examples to support the entry. Good entries tend to avoid too many superlatives and focus on measurable results – unless using direct client quotes. In short, facts and figures are always welcome as they can be easily measured.

All nominations must be entered via our online voting system. We cannot accept entries by post or any other method.


What happens if I win?

Each category winner will be listed in the special edition Lawyer Monthly Private Client Awards publication 2018. The special awards edition will be published in both print and digital formats and distributed to our entire readership.


Is there a cost?

There is no cost to enter the Lawyer Monthly Private Client Awards 2018.


Rules of Entry

In order for your entry to be considered, please adhere to the following general rules of entry:
– Each entry must be submitted via the online form – the maximum word count is 500 words. Please provide written evidence to support your entry.
– Please follow the voting criteria set out in the voting criteria above.
– When nominating a third party, please provide as much information as possible.
– All information/data received regarding the Lawyer Monthly Private Client Awards 2018 will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

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